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Should I get a golf membership in Spain?

One of the questions we often get is whether you should join a golf course here in Spain. Obviously there are a lot of things to consider but hopefully we can give you some information that will help you create a clearer picture of golf memberships on the Southern Costa Blanca.

The cost of membership of golf courses in this region varies from around 1600 to 3000 euros. This is more expensive than UK and he majority of Northern European countries and the main reason for this is that the cost of maintenance on modern courses in this hot climate are a lot higher. The Costa Blanca however is much cheaper than the Costa del Sol in this regard.

Golf courses here are not private clubs like most of the UK. A typical course will have between 100 and 250 members. This suits clubs well as they have to have plenty of space for golf tourists and non-permanent residents. The low membership levels and the nature of the club organisation means that there are not many club tournaments or activities. In essence, membership of a golf course here in Spain is a “season ticket” rather than acceptance into a private club. In reality then, the only question is, does it make financial sense to join a club?

If you are staying in Spain the majority of the year and you play golf at least twice a week, then it makes sense financially to join a golf course. Most courses have regular club societies that you can join and so it is also a great way to meet new people.

If you are purchasing a second home for holiday use or regular long visits, it is generally best to pay as you go. If you stay for a prolonged period, Winter for example, then you may be able to get a seasonal membership.

Our new build golf property sales all come with at least a one year golf membership. Of course, when you come to purchase your Costa Blanca property, we will discuss your plans and if you are not going to be in Spain for prolonged periods, we will work to adjust the offer to best reward you.

Whether you join a golf course or not, you will be spoilt for choice in this golfing haven, with many wonderful courses on your doorstep in excellent conditions all year round.


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